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Automatic In-Store Reminders

Need Anything

“You went to the store and didn’t tell me? I needed something!”

At one point or another, we’ve all been on the receiving end of this remark from a friend, family member, or co-worker. To solve this, the NeedAnything team has built an app that has your back while you are out shopping. NeedAnything automatically checks if your friends or family need anything from the store — so you don’t have to!

How It Works

Need Anything solves the problem of

Automatic Reminders

If your family, roommate, or significant other can’t make it to the grocery store, NeedAnything can automatically let them know you are at there.

Easy to Customize

You can remind multiple people all at once and keep track of requests all in one place. 

Streamlined Messaging

If you leave the office for coffee or lunch and your coworkers ask to pick something up, you can message on NeedAnything to keep track of orders.

Using NeedAnything is easy!

Once you’ve registered for NeedAnything:


Add Stores and Contacts

Add the stores you visit often and select the contacts you’d like to alert when you’re there.

Check Your Phone At The Store

Next time you’re in the store, NeedAnything will automatically alert your selected contacts to see if they need anything.

Message Your Contacts

Manually send messages if you know someone who might need anything from a store you are visiting.

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